Chapter 8

"The Sons of Benjamin. [1 - 32]"
"The Stock of Saul and Jonathan. [33 - 40]"

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I Chronicles 8:1 "Now Benjamin begat Bela his firstborn, Ashbel the second, and Aharah the third,"

Keep in mind that at the time of this writing of the books of the Chronicles, it was well after the coming out of captivity. So this is setting an historical record of the time of Saul and Jonathan, some 700 years prior. Remember from the writings of Judges 19 through 21, the tribe of Benjamin was almost completely destroyed because of their falling into the godless practice of Sodomy. It was decided by the other tribal leaders that a dance would take place, and as the 600 survival man of the tribe of Benjamin arrived and hid in the woods; these single bachelors would lay in wait and could take their bride, and go back with her to their home, and become the wife of that man. In this way they would take on a new role to rebuild families under the tribal name of Benjamin. Thus the tribe of Benjamin was rebuilt through the women of Judah, to survive and live among the other tribes.

Judges 21:19 "Then they said, "Behold, there is a feast of the Lord in Shiloh yearly in a place which is on the north side of Beth-el, on the east side of the highway that goeth up from Beth-el to Shechem, and on the south of Lebonah."

See the plot? They used the annual feast day at Beth-el to throw a dance in this right location.

Judges 21:20 "Therefore they commanded the children of Benjamin, saying, "Go and lie in wait in the vineyards;"

The leaders of the other tribes are commanding the men of Benjamin to find a wife at the dance and usher her away in the woods.

Judges 21:21 "And see, and, behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in dances, then come ye out of the vineyards, and catch you every man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin."

By law this was defiant of God's law, but the rulers of the tribes said they would look the other way. Saul grandfather would have taken part in that activity at the dance at Shiloh, and Jonathan was Saul's son. These daughters that became wives of the Benjaminites were from the tribe of Judah, thus from this point historically, these two tribes became joined into one house or nation called the "house of Judah". Remember that the entire house of Saul was destroyed except for the one young lad that sat at David's table, because of the promise David made to Jonathan. The rest of this chapter deals with the short time between the dance at Shiloh and the destruction of the Saul household on the battlefield.

I Chronicles 8:2 "Nohah the fourth, and Rapha the fifth."

I Chronicles 8:3 "And the sons of Bela were, Addar, and Gera, and Addar, and Gera, and Abihud,"

I Chronicles 8:4 "And Abishua, and Naaman, and Ahoah,"

I Chronicles 8:5 "And Gera, and Shephuphan, and Huram."

I Chronicles 8:6 "And these are the sons of Ehud: these are the heads of the fathers of the inhabitants of Geba, and they removed them to Manahath:"

I Chronicles 8:7 "And Naaman, and Ahiah, and Gera, he removed them, and begat Uzza, and Ahihud."

I Chronicles 8:8 "And Shaharaim begat children in the country of Moab, after he had sent them away; Hushim and Baara were his wives."

I Chronicles 8:9 "And he begat of Hodesh his wife, Jobob, and Zibia, and Mesha, and Malcham,"

I Chronicles 8:10 "And Jeuz, and Shachia, and Mirma. Thewse were his sons, heads of the fathers."

I Chronicles 8:11 "And of Hushim he begat Abitub, and Elpaal."

I Chronicles 8:12 "The sons of Elpaal; Eber, and Misham, and Shamed, who built Ono, and Lod, with the towns thereof:"

I Chronicles 8:13 "Beriah also, and Shema, who were heads of the fathers of the inhabitants of Aijalon, who drove away the inhabitants of Gath:"

I Chronicles 8:14 "And Ahio, Shashak, and Jeremoth,"

I Chronicles 8:15 "And Zebadiah, and Arad, and Ader,"

I Chronicles 8:16 "And Michael, and Ispah, and Joha, the sons of Beriah;"

I Chronicles 8:17 "And Zebadiah, and Meshullam, and Hezeki, and Heber,"

I Chronicles 8:18 "Ishmerai also, and Jezliah, and Jobab, the sons of Elpaal;"

I Chronicles 8:19 "And Jakim, and Zichri, and Zabdi,"

I Chronicles 8:20 "And Elienai, and Zilthai, and Eliel,"

I Chronicles 8:21 "And Adaiah, and Beraiah, and Shimrath, and the sons of Shimhi;"

I Chronicles 8:22 "And Ishpan, and Heber, and Eliel,"

I Chronicles 8:23 "And Abdon, and Zichri, and Hanan,"

I Chronicles 8:24 "And Hananiah, and Elam, and Antothijah,"

I Chronicles 8:25 "And Iphedeiah, and Penuel, and sons of Shashak;"

I Chronicles 8:26 "And Shamsherai, and Shehariah, and Athaliah,"

I Chronicles 8:27 "And Jareshiah, and Eliah, and Zichri, the sons of Jeroham."

I Chronicles 8:28 "These were heads of the fathers, by their generations, chief men. These dwelt in Jerusalem."

I Chronicles 8:29 "And at Gieon dwelt the father of Gibeon; whose wife's name was Maachah:"

I Chronicles 8:30 "And his firstborn son Abdon, and Sur, and Kish, and Baal, and Nadab,"

I Chronicles 8:31 "And Gedor, and Ahio, Zacher."

I Chronicles 8:32 "And Mikloth begat Shimeah. And these also dwelt with their brethren in Jerusalem, over against them."

I Chronicles 8:33 "And Ner begat Kish, and Kish begat Saul, and Saul begat Jonathan, and Malchishua, and Abinadab, and Esh-baal."

I Chronicles 8:34 "And the son of Jonathan was Merib-baal; and Merib-baal begat Micah."

I Chronicles 8:35 "And the sons of Micah were, Pithon, and Melech, and Tarea, and Ahaz."

I Chronicles 8:36 "And Moza begat Binea: Rapha was his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son:"

I Chronicles 8:37 "And Moza begat Binea: Rapha was his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son:"

I Chronicles 8:38 "And Azel had six sons, whose names are these, Azrikam, Bocheru, and Ishmael, and Sheariah, and Obadiah, and Hanan. All these were the sons of Azel."

I Chronicles 8:39 "And the sons of Eshek his brother were Ulam his first born, Jehush the second, and Eliphelet the third."

I Chronicles 8:40 "And the sons of Ulam were mighty men of valour, archers, and had many sons, and sons' sons, an hundred and fifty. All these are the sons of Benjamin."


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