Periods of the Kingdoms


This Monarchy period is in two parts, the first that of the United Kingdom extending through the reign of Solomon, the second, that of the Divided Kingdom, or Dual-Monarchy, Judah and Israel exist as independent states until both are carried into captivity. We are now using the approximate dates from the Companion Bible.



For the brief period of seven and a half years the house of Saul continued after the death of Israel's
first king while David was king of Judah alone. Israel then proposed a union of all the tribes and
David became king of all Israel.

Reign of Saul for 40 years

Death of Saul

David, king of Judah

David, king of all Israel. Jerusalem taken and made the capital

David's great sin

Absalom's rebellion

Reign of Solomon

Construction of the Temple begun (4th year of Solomon)

The Temple dedicated

Solomon's death, the Monarchy split into two kingdoms




Rehoboam (17 years reign) Jeroboam (22 years)

Shishak's invasion

Abijah (3 years) 18th year of Jeroboam

Asa (41 years) 20th year of Jeroboam

Second year of Asa Nadab (2 years)

Third year of Asa Baasha (24 years)

End of first dynasty


Invasion and defeat of Zerah

26th year of Asa Elah (2 years) second dynasty

27th year of Asa Zimri (7 years) third dynasty

Omri (12 years) at Samaria

38th year of Asa Ahab (22 years) Prophet Elijah




Jehoshaphat (25 years) 4th year of Ahab

7th year of Jehoshaphat Ahaziah (2 years)

Separation between I Kings, and the book of II Kings.

18th year of Jehoshaphat Joram (12 years)

Regency of Johoram  Translation of Elijah

Jehoram (8 years in all) 5th year of Joram

Ahaziah (1 year) 12th year of Joram

End of fourth dynasty

Athaliah (6 years) Jehu (28 years)

Joash (40 years) 7th year of Jehu

23 year of Joash Jehoahaz (17 years)

37th year of Joash Jehoash (16 years)

Amaziah (29 years) 2nd year of Johash

15th year of Amaziah Jeroboam II, (41 years)

Azariah (Uzziah, 52 years) 27th year of Jeroboam II

The prophet Isaiah 

Prophets: Amos, Jonah, Hosea

Jotham, regent

38th year of Uzziah Zachariah (6 months)

39th year of Uzziah Shallum ( 1 month)

40th year of Uzziah Menahem (10 years) Invasion by Pul, king of Assyria

50th year of Uzziah Pekahiah (2 years)

52nd year of Uzziah Pekah (20 years)

Jotham (16 years) 2nd year of Pekah

Ahaz (16 years) 17th year of Pekah

end of 8th dynasty

12th year of Ahaz Hoshea (9 years)

Hezekieah (29 years)

3rd year of Hoshea Invasion of Samaria by Shalmaneser IV, Siege.

6th year of Hezekiah

Conquest of Israel by Sargon. Carried away by Assyria. End of Israel nation.

Note: There is one hundred ten (110) year difference in the Chronology of Usher, and early Bible scholars, from the actual dates taken of the "Rock of Behistun", showing the inscription of Daris Hystaspis. Due to this fact, in the Scriptures even one day into the next year, or of a reign is considered to be a full year. Approximate date of the fall of the house of Israel started about 745 B.C. and ended about 722 B.C. The house of Judah continued another hundred and fifty years after the fall of Israel. Then Judah's seventy years of Captivity started in Babylon.  - Back to the study in I Chronicles