Chapter  25  

"Bildad's third address."  

Job  25:1   "Then answered Bildad the Shuhite, and said,"


This will be the third and the last speech of Bildad.  This is a very short speech and Bildad will sum up all that he has to say about Job's problems.  Remember that these men that are confronting Job were good friends of Job's before Job's problems set in.  Now when the chips are down, these same three friends have accused Job of robbing, stealing, and everything but murder.  The have accused Job of taking advantage of widows, the poor and the orphans.  They have attributed all these problems to God, and not one thought has been given to the fact that it was Satan that had caused all the trouble in the first place.


Job went right along with these three friends and blamed God also for his boils and troubles, however these three friends also blamed Job.  Satan is receiving a free ride.  This should be a lesson to us today when things just don't go right, for if you use a little spiritual insight into your problems, you will find that it is Satan that is mess up your life.  This is what discernment is all about, and when you see that it is Satan at the bottom of it all, it is time for you to take the power and authority that Christ has given you, and order Satan and his realm out of your life and family. 


In each chapter that we have studied to this point, some lesson can be learned to make our lives better in serving our Lord.  It is important that you learn to handle these problems in the flesh, with the leading of the Word of God.  When you have friends like Job has, you simply don't need enemies.  Anytime there is a lack of understanding between two friends, along with that shortness comes mistrust.  Mistrust stops communication, and when that has broke down, there is no hope for mutual trust.  This applies just as much to a marriage, as to nations, or between close friends.  God's Word gives answers to all forms of the problems that we could face, and it is important to grow skilled in the Word to where we can seek the help for our problems by ourselves.  So Bildad is going to give a short speech for he has said all he can say, and remember that Bildad argues from a point of human tradition. 


Job  25:2   "Dominion and fear are with Him, He maketh peace in His high places."


These "high places" are in heaven, of course, and God made peace in heaven and this old man doesn't realize it, but he is getting near some facts here.  It is good to pay attention to his fact but disregard the multitude of rambling words.  God made peace in heaven at Satan's first rebellion.  That happened back in the first earth age.  The trouble came when Satan's false pride caused him to fall, and the minds of one third of all souls [the angels] followed after Satan.  This is recorded in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight, and Revelation 12.   


Job  25:3  "Is there any number of His armies? and upon whom doth not His light arise?"


God's army is so numerous that it is uncountable.  God's light will shine on anyone that opens their heart and mind to Him in repentance.  Satan and sin simply cannot stand in that light. 


Job  25:4   "How then can man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman?"


This is asking the question, When you are in the flesh body, how can you please God?  We are all sinners and we have come far short of the perfect standard of His Son Jesus Christ.  However when we sin and know that we have sinned, the way has been provided to come back into the fellowship of the Father, and that is through repentance in Jesus name.  Jesus paid the price in full, and all you and I have to do is accept that gift of Salvation through our coming to the Father in His Son's name.  Though it is free to us, there was a dear price, the most expensive price in the entire universe, being the blood of the Son of God.  How can we be "justified" and acceptable in God's eyes?  By repentance. 


We have something that Job did not have, for we have Jesus Christ to call upon and plead our case before the throne of God.  He forgives our sins when we repent from the heart.


Job  25:5   "Behold even to the moon, and it shineth not; yea, the stars are not pure in His sight."


To get the full understanding of this you have to go to Revelation 12, where in the first earth age one third of all the stars, or angels were draw by the old dragon Satan.  That means that one third of all the created souls believed on Satan.  The stars naturally were not pure in the sight of God, because these stars are entities that we call souls. 


Job  25:6   "How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm?"


It is real strange how God can influence the words that men say, when they have no idea of what the meanings are.  Bildad could have no idea the meaning of these words that he just finished saying.  This last verse is also given in Psalm 22:6; "But I am a worm, and no man; A reproach of men, and despised of the People."  These are part of the words that Jesus Christ spoke while hanging on the cross.     Jesus Christ was not weak at that moment where he was hanging on the cross.  He was very strong and His mind was teaching to the very end of His flesh life.  Jesus was giving us His knowledge and strength to all those that would listen to what he spoke.  Psalm 22 tells the entire story of the crucifixion in detail which was recorded over a thousand years before it took place.  Jesus thought of you through this entire time. 


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