Malachi 3

"Yahveh's Messenger, Purging All."

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Malachi 3:1 ""Behold, I will send My messenger, and he shall prepare the way before Me: and the Lord, Whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to His temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, He shall come, saith the Lord of hosts."

Jesus Christ came to earth the first time as a baby, lived the life of a servant, and died for an offering for the sins of many. When He comes the second time to earth, He will be coming as the "King of Kings", to judge and to make all things right that Satan has corrupted.

Who then is this messenger that God will send "to prepare the way before me". John the Baptist came out of the wilderness preaching, "repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." [Matthew 3:1-2] Then in Matthew 3:3; "For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias [in Isaiah 40:3], saying, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his path straight."

John the Baptist will, and did, come in the "spirit of Elijah". "Elijah" means "messenger' in the Hebrew. Though many preachers say today that John the Baptist was the prophet Esaias, or Elijah, he was not. However, the same spirit that gave Elijah his message, gave the words to John the Baptist. That Spirit is God's Holy Spirit.

In Matthew 11:13-15 we read, "For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. and if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."

Did they believe either John the Baptist, or Jesus? No, They beheaded John, and executed our Lord on that Roman cross. There was a condition set up by the word "if". We see in the Scripture that they refused to hear, and they also totally rejected both John the Baptist [the Messenger], and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Elijah never died, but was taken back to the Father without dying a fleshly death. Just like John the Baptist spoke out in the Spirit of Elijah, in the end times, that same spirit of boldness will return. For the "elect of God" will speak out as the Holy Spirit speaks through them, as Jesus foretold in Mark 13:11.

Malachi 3:2 "But who may abide the day of His coming? and who shall stand when He appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:"

You and I are living in the last generation, before the end of this earth age. We are the end generation that will hear the sounding of the seventh trumpet, and see the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, in all His glory. If you understand this, and prepare yourself, you shall also be one of those sealed in your mind [Revelation 9:4], and stand against the Antichrist, as one of God's election.

The "refiner's fire" is for one purpose, and that is to purify the metal. The "fullers' soap" is a lye, which also is to clean and purify. At Jesus Christ's second coming, that is exactly what will happen to the world; the religious system, and every living soul in them. Jesus will come and make all things right. This is referring to the time of deception, which we are well into today, and it will show how you stood up against Satan, the Antichrist. Then upon Jesus Christ's return, those actions [evil rudiment, elements] will be judged, and rooted out. Nothing will be hidden then, and it will be known if you have armed yourself with the gospel to stand against Satan's fiery spiritual darts; or in ignorance, were you taken by the Antichrist and his system.

Malachi 3:3 "And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and He shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness."

The "sons of Levi" are suppose to be the priesthood after the "order of Melchisedec", which means "king of the just", who is our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ returns, His Levitical priesthood will be refined, and purged of all the filth and false teachings coming forth as "the gospel" today. Then that priesthood will give offerings unto God that are acceptable to Him.

When you refine silver, you put the metal in the bucket, then place it over the fire. As you turn up the heat on the silver, at the right temperature the silver separates from the slag, or impurities. God is saying in this verse, that this is how He will test the preachers and teachers first. The judgment starts with the ministers, teachers and priests who stand before their flocks, and say they represent our Heavenly Father. How are you doing friend? Can you stand before God in the light of both your works and words?

Malachi 3:4 "Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the Lord, as in the days of old, and as in former years."

The words "former years", should be better translated "ancient years". In the ancient times, men of God loved God, and the offerings given to Him were pleasant to the Heavenly Father. He loved them and accepted them because they were in love. We are told here that following this refining, cleansing, and purifying of both the House of Judah [Jews], and the House of Israel [Jerusalem], the offerings will again be pleasant to Him.

Malachi 3:5 "And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not Me, saith the Lord of hosts."

The Lord Jesus Christ will make all evil deeds, and words accountable at his return, at the final and last trumpet. Those who have cheated His little ones, and lied to lead them astray into Satan's system will be judged, and taken at this time. This includes the liars, and those who cheat a man or woman from his [her] rightly wages. The ones who steal and deprive the widows and orphans are also going to give answer to the Lord at this time.

Adultery has both the physical and spiritual side. When a person has committed such an act, there is forgiveness by God through repentance, and when we confess our sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us of all our sins and unrighteousness. That is why Jesus came to earth, and shed His blood on the cross. [see I John 1:8-9]

If we are not prepared in our minds, we will be caught in the other adultery, and that is the marriage to the false christ, the Antichrist. Upon repentance of the physical adultery, our minds are set free from guilt, However, when you follow the false Christ [the Antichrist] you will lose God's grace towards you, and the shame of that sin is death; spiritual death.

God will straighten out the preachers for rewards or correction first, then He will get around to the rest of us. What is important, is that we stay in His Word, and sue that word to guide our minds and actions. Have you repented lately? God is waiting.

Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed."

The "sons of Jacob" have basically lost contact with their past; they have forgotten who they are. This what we are seeing in this present generation, and by what we hear from the modern day preachers. Though all of Jacob [House of Israel] has forgotten their past, and the promises God gave to them; God has not. God made a promise [covenant] to Abraham, and He keeps His promises. God does not change. Our Heavenly Father is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Malachi 3:7 "Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from Mine ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto Me, and I will return unto you," But ye said, 'Wherein shall we return?"

The problem in most churches today, is the fact that most Christians are biblically illiterate to God's plan for them. They allow the Kenites, and false ministers to talk them out of the promises that God has for them. That is how most Christians stay in the dark, for they allow others to do their interpreting for them. These false teachers have steered them so far away, they don't follow God, keep His ways, or even have the knowledge to know how to return.

Most Christians simply do not even know the difference between ordinances, statutes, and the law. They could not tell you which are, or are not in effect now. These laws are all part of God's word, and His words are His thoughts. You return to God through that Word of God. God's Word tells us both His thought and His actions.

Malachi 3:8 "Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed Me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed Thee? In tithes and offerings."

"Tithes" means "one tenth". That is not yours to give, because it's already His. Your offerings are what is given up and beyond God's tithes. That is your gift for your blessings returned. The tithe is given to the source where you get your spiritual food. If that church you attend is spiritually dead, How can you expect any of God's blessing from what you give. If your tithe is supporting a place of false doctrine, you simply are robbing God, for in it, you are supporting the work of the devil. That is what God is telling us here.

Malachi 3:9 "Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed Me, even this whole nation."

"This whole nation" is referring to all Israel, both Judah, and Israel; which includes all the tribes.

Malachi 3:10 "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine house, and prove Me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

God is telling us to test Him, and try my words on the tithe. If you don't have the faith and whole picture of what God is saying, then don't waste your time. First, have you eyes to see, and ears to hear His Word? Understand that it is important that the place you send God's money is a place where God's Word is taught verse by verse, and chapter by chapter. When you do it God's way, you will be blesses, and your bills will get paid.

Malachi 3:11 "And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts."

The devourer" is the stage of the locust that eats everything, as we saw in Joel 1:4. Though this refers to loss of your crops, there are other ways of destroying a person's income. A prime example is the car that keeps breaking down, or the little things that need tending to around the house. Many people are on the fringe of economic bust, over medical bills, or other problems that just eat holes in their wallets and purses.

God has a way of making everything come out, and all obligations met when you place Him first, and love Him.

Malachi 3:12 "And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of hosts."

Though much of the media would have us believe America is a cursed land, the agricultural data flowing from the farm markets indicate the opposite is true. Each year the crop output increases over the year prior.

The "new world order" is not a surprise to the student of Bible prophecy. It is coming about right on schedule, just as God said it would. When many cry out over jobs being shipped overseas, God's elect know our Lord will continue to take care of them. This may appear to be a fearful time for God's Children, However, these times are as much part of God's plan as the plan for your salvation.

All power and authority is given of God, and those leaders of godless character ruling over us now, are as much a servant of God, as Nebuchadnezzar was in Daniel's time. God will deal with each man [woman] in authority on an individual basis. Nebuchadnezzar was brought by God to the state f a beast of the field, before he yielded to God. Know this, that all matters will be carried according to God's plan.

Malachi 3:13 "Your words have been stout against Me, saith the Lord. Yet ye say, What have we spoken so much against Thee?"

This is referring to these final days of this earth age. The falling away has already started in massive numbers, as most denominations are flocking to be numbered with the heathen in the "World Council of Churches". The desire to be counted and numbered with position in this "New world order" is blinding the minds of God's shepherds. The purpose of the council of churches is to draw all religious orders under on system, it binds the heathen religions to Christianity.

The "Great Apostasy" [falling away] is the events that prepare the way for the arrival of the Antichrist. When Satan [the Antichrist] arrives on the earth, the world will think He is God. The Christians of today are being taught to expect the Antichrist to move into a man's body, and posses him. Satan will come as you expect Christ to come, and when he is cast to this earth by Michael, the peoples and nations will be in a state of mind to receive him as the true Messiah. This ignorance of God's Word is becoming clearer by the day, as we see Christians in mass numbers flocking to the false prophets. They are believing all sorts of false doctrine, because the simple do not know God's Word.

Malachi 3:14 "Ye have said, It is vain to serve God: and what profit is it that we have kept His ordinance, and that we have walked mournfully before the Lord of hosts?"

Friend, if you can't serve God with joy and love, you might as well quit. Your not serving Him if it bacomes a pain and burden to you. There is no room in God's service for the "poor me baby" attitude.

Malachi 3:15 "And now we call the proud happy; yea, they that work wickedness are set up; yea, they that tempt God are even delivered."

How are they delivered up? They think by self effort they can show the Lord how things should be done. All their efforts are simply to boost their own pride, and their service to God is not out of love for Him, but for the sake of a challenge. They are trying to prove their worth to themselves [self-righteousness].

Many simply do the service to the Lord to be recognized, and they feed off the comments of others, urging them on. Many of these people somehow tie their earthly works and service to the strength of their salvation. They try to prepare their own way to God; rather than falling wholly on the grace extended to them, by the blood of Jesus Christ at the cross.

Malachi 3:16 "Then they that fear the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His name."

Do you know what book this is referring to? In that book, God records all those seeds of faith you have planted in the minds of lost souls. He knows and records those small things you do for your neighbor, or even that stranger you helped. God remembers the words of encouragement you give to your Christian brother or sister, who is troubled and loaded with the burdens of this life.

On judgment day, those books will be opened, and the rewards will be given out. Part of this remembrance by God will be your willingness to open His Book [the Bible] and your obedience to the study of that Word, and your making it part of your life.

Malachi 3:17 "And they shall be Mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up My jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him."

God is using the analogy of our everyday life. He is looking to those who follow His word, and in love, serve Him unselfishly as the jewels of His eye. He is trying to show us that the relationship He has for you, as His child, compares to the earthly father that would spare nothing to please and care for his son. That earthly father looks forward to the time when he can step aside, and let the inheritance of his wealth be passed to the next generation. This is how our Lord Jesus Christ looks upon His faithful ones.

Malachi 3:18 Then shall they return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth Him not."

Who are you serving? If your serving making by the promotion of false doctrine, your not serving God. We are living in a time when most ministries are measured by the dollar flow, or head count at the door. It's like Iowa Beef Company counting it's success by the heads that pass through the gate to be slaughtered.

This is the time when we must discern the good from the bad. God's way is written in His Scriptures, and if you can't find it there, then it's not His way. Revelation 13:18 tells us who we are serving, if we do not serve the Living God. All wisdom of God is written in His book, and if you search in earnest for that wisdom, you will have the discernment you need to stand for God in this final generation. The world today is all upside down, and backside front.

They tell you that you are to love the ones God tells you He hates, and the things they teach to be right, we are told in God's Word that they are sins. The world standards today are those being set up for a world which will be Satan's order, and law for his New World order religious system. If your following any standard for wisdom and discernment, other than God's Holy Word; Friend, your in great trouble. You are lost before you have even started.

Satan's mark [mark of the beast] for this final period is a number, 6-6-6. That number is a marking that will not be on your forehead, or on your right hand, but "IN" your forehead, and "IN" your right hand. Your brain is in your forehead, and the marking is in your mind. That marking is knowledge that is in your mind, and is given to you in the Scriptures, to keep you from giving strength to the Antichrist. This mark is the most misunderstood teaching of the Bible, and everyone has his own theory. But what does the Bible teach?

To have discernment in the final seven years, you must understand this number, 6-6-6. The number is not of God, or the angels, but of man. It is also a number that is connected directly to the beast of the last days. So to understand what the root meaning to this is, let's start with "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance" of the Bible. Pare # 972, the reference is to Revelation 13:18, "six hundred, three score [60], and six." We are directed to # 5516 in the Strong's Greek Dictionary.

"Chi-xi-stigma, chee-xee-stig'-ma; the 22nd letter, 14th and obsolite letter [# 4742 as a cross] of the Greek alphabet, used as numbers; denoting respectively 600, 60, 6, or 666 [# 5516]."

So lets go to the current cross reference #4742 to see what it says. "Stigma, Stig'-mah; from the prime. Stizo, {to stick, i.e., prick}; a mark incised or pinched [for recognition of ownership], a scar or service mark." [#4742, pp 67]

To receive this mark is to be deceived into believing and following Satan, the Antichrist, as the true Christ. God says that if you do not know that Satan is the Antichrist, and that Satan will come first, you will be deceived into following him. So how do you take the Antichrist's mark? It is taken by serving and bowing to that man [Satan], who will be a man in the flesh, and ruling over his world wide religious system.

If you either worship him [the mark in the forehead], or do any work on his behalf [the mark in the right hand], then will give His recognition of the possession of your soul and being, over to Satan. If you know Satan comes first and that he is a counterfeit of the True Christ, and you are prepared to stand against him, then you have taken the "seal of God in your forehead [mind]". See Revelation 9:3-5.

The "elect of God" know the true Messiah from the fake, for they know through God's Word that they will not remain in their flesh bodies at the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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