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Introduction to Volume 2

Chapters 42 to 72

"The Second, or Exodus Book of Israel."


This Bible Study is is provided by and shared with permission from the author R. Christopherson

Psalms 42 - 49. Concerning Israel's Ruin. Topics studies are the ruin and oppression realized with no help from man. It opens with crying and tears as Exodus Does. Then the cry for help from the Redeemer, with the deliverer praised, and the help of the deliverer comes. The ruin and the need of redemption is realized.

Psalms 50 - 60. Concerning Israel's Redeemer. In this group of chapters, God will speak to Israel and He breaks the silence as in Exodus. All transgression and confusion is confessed and forgiven. The transgressors are identified and destroyed. God's people speak to Him of Israel's Redeemer and His work: Telling of His death and resurrection (Michtam, Appendix 65, XII).

Psalms 61 -72. Concerning Israel's Redemption. From Chapter 61, Israel waits for their Deliverance "From the ends of the Earth", which is the work of God alone, and Zion or Judah waits for her blessing. Praise is promised, and the trouble remembered, and God Arises to give answers. "Blessed by God". Then Chapter 69 starts with the king awaits for deliverance from sufferings, shame and sorrow (The trespass offering). The King waits for his deliverance with haste, and Praise is Promised and trouble is remembered. In Chapter 72 is the Answer, the King reigns. "Blessed be the name of the Lord." This was all God's desire, The redeemed nation blessed, and a blessing to all nations, which of course is Christ.

Remember that the book of Psalms is divided into five segments, and each of these segments corresponds to one of the first books of the bible. Volume one was Chapters one to and including forty one. This segment corresponds to the Book of Exodus, as is stated above.




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