Chapter 43

"Continuation of Chapter 42."

"Israel's Ruin Realized."

This Bible Study is is provided by and shared with permission from the author R. Christopherson

As we saw in the close of Chapter 42, it is alright to grumble a little but don't lose your faith over those hard times. Just repent and get back where you know you belong. So this chapter continues right on from the prior chapter. At one time these two were part of the same chapter, but now they are two separate chapters.

Psalms 43:1 "Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man."

"Judge" which means "vindicate" me O God. This of course is looking forward to the coming of the Antichrist, the deceitful and unjust man Satan. There is only one time when the world will have only "one ungodly nation", and that is when the Antichrist is here and setting up his one world religious system. This is talking about a single ungodly nation. Revelation 13:1-4 tells us of that one world system or beast that has the dragon that put the power in it, and in turn that system will give its power right back to the dragon, who is Satan. That religious system will not rise until after the political head of that beast has had a mortal wound. Then it will be one nation in the world under Satan the Antichrist. No it will not be like ours today, "One nation under God", for our liberties will be gone, and we will be under the rule of that false God. That day of the one worldism and Satan is not far off.

Psalms 43:2 "For Thou art the God of my strength: why dost Thou cast me off? Why go I mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?"

My dear friend, you don't run from anyone, Let the Holy Spirit pick you up and make the stand against your enemy. Christians are not second class citizens, but we do make a difference, we are the salt of the earth. We are to have righteous indignation over those that would try to rule over men and women of God. We have the power and the strength if we would just use it. We have the Spirit of the Living God, the eternal God going before us in our battles against our enemies. Sure we are to love our enemies, but at the same time, we are to correct them when they step out of line. Love is correcting those that are not in control. Get along with your neighbor if it is possible, but don't let them run over you.

Psalms 43:3 "O send out Thy light and Thy truth: let them lead me; Let them bring me unto Thy holy hill, And to Thy tabernacles."

God's Word is the light and Thy truth, and that is what we should be sending out to the Lord. The light and the truth comes from the writing of Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the prophets, and it is through the leading of the Holy Spirit as we read the Scriptures that we are lead in God's light and truth. That is why we check out what is written by any man, including this writing, with the Word of God, for God's Word is the truth. God's truth will lead you to His holy hill and to Thy tabernacles or habitations.

Sure men can work people up in meetings to an emotional high, but a week later they are right back where they started. However when God's Word is what is giving direction, that that saved soul will stay the course. When a person digs into the Word they will see that our Father is the light.

Psalms 43:4 "Then will I go unto the altar of God, Unto God my exceeding joy: Yea, upon the harp will I praise Thee, O God my God."

Don't try to enter into the altar of God until you have repented in Jesus name. There will be a day when we stand before God, and then for those that sought after Him, there will be exceeding joy and praise of my God.

Psalms 43:5 "Why art thou cast down, O my soul: And why art thou disquieted within me: Hope in God: for I shall yet praise Him, Who is the health of my countenance, and my God." "To the chief Musician."

My Hope in God, is my faith in God, and it is thought that faith that we continually praise Him. Again, who is the health of my countenance? Of course it is when we have God's Spirit in our soul, shining through our countenance so the entire world can see our faith. The only way that you can show the countenance of God is to do the work of God, and that is in your planting of seeds of truth, and using those gifts that Father has given you for His service.



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