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Disclaimer:  This site was created by a Bible student studying along with the Shepherd's Chapel.
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Sampling of Biblical Questions:

Can you please explain the gulf?

If the Antichrist will be in the flesh, is that not a dead giveaway that he is fake?

Are all souls now on the opposite side of the gulf, coming to earth for the millennium?

At the 6th trump Satan takes the throne in Jerusalem. Are all going to be there? I know its a long trip

Demon possession: Is the only way to make evil spirits leave another person is for that possessed person to ask?

Where is America in the scriptures?

Does the Bible address how the Muslim nations are against the United States?

In Luke 16:24 the rich man said he was tormented in ‘this flame’. Was he in hell?

Will there be a World War III?

Where can I find in the Bible that after satan returns, Jesus Christ will set foot on Mt. Zion?

Zechariah 1:14-21 "Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns" ?

How do I look up kenite in my Strong's Concordance?

Does the Bible tell where the Ark of the Covenant is now?

Are there more than 10 Commandments?

How long is the short season that satan is released from at the end of the millennium?

Can you tell me where in the Bible it states that more fallen angels came after the flood?

What will our spiritual body be like? Will we be transparent? And will we eat and sleep? And what will we be doing?

Did the serpent in the garden of Eden talk like a human?

What will happen first - the two witnesses getting killed or the elect letting the Holy Spirit speak through them?

Please explain how satan is the father of Cain?

Why is it called the hour of temptation if it’s a five month period?

Where in the Bible does it say God is against those who teach His people to fly away?

We know Moses, Elijah and Enoch were translated, what role does Enoch play in the last days?

During the millennium, who will Christ and His saints reign over?

When will God set fire to the earth?

Once we testify in the presence of Antichrist, what then? Will we be martyred for Christ's sake?

What does ‘rightly dividing the Word’ mean?

Are all the fallen angels going to be locked up with satan for the millennium or die before?

Why would the Antichrist allow the elect to keep talking when they are delivered up?
Will the Antichrist be able to make us think we are in spiritual bodies?

 Where is it written that God is a divorcee?

What does it mean for God and satan to both be supernatural?

What does Hebrews 6:4-6 mean?

Who is the daughter of Babylon?

When does the month end on a solar calendar?

Is there a hell?

Can you please explain the two in the field in Matthew 24?

Can you please explain the one world system?

Will there be more than the 144,000 elect that will go to heaven?

How do we come out of Babylon?

Where in scripture do Nephilim come to the daughters of Adam?

The devil to be turned into ashes from within?

What scripture states if one commits murder send them to the Father?

Is it true that the earth is 14,000 years old?

Did Jesus Christ go down to hell and preach?

Can giants or kenites be saved?

Where in God's Word does it talk about the three Earth ages?

What do you do if you have a family member who you know has a bad evil spirit?

Which verse tells about death and our spiritual soul going to heaven instantly?
What book in the Bible can I find when Jesus was conceived and when he was born?

Where can I find in the Bible about the two witnesses? Who will the two witnesses be?

Where is it written in the Bible to not build house unto house?

Will we be husband and wife on the other side?

Can you lose your salvation? And can you regain it?

Please explain how the thief on the cross next to Jesus will see him in paradise?

What do you mean by ‘generation of the fig tree? How long is a generation?

Why do we say amen at the end of prayer?

Will this 2nd Earth age be blotted out just the way we don't remember the 1st Earth age now?

What does Daniel 12:2 mean?

What does it mean that Ham 'uncovered his father's nakedness'?

After satan fell, was he replaced with another cherubim? (ZOON)

If I am cremated when I die, will I be resurrected?

Do we have a guardian angel watching over us?

What are the souls doing that have moved onto heaven now?

Can a bad spirit come into a Christians' dreams?

Where is it written in the Bible that the Antichrist is not a politician?

How did the impression of the angelic footprint get there?

Can angels get hurt, harmed or die?

Satan being held in chains or locked away?

What are the tongues of angels spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12:24

Bad Habits: How do I get control over my flesh?

Why so adamant about May through September?



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